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Made in Vermont
One of a kind Art Jewelry.
                                          If it makes you smile, wear it!
If your in Vermont you can stop by the Brandon Artists Guild and see my work along with many other amazing Vermont artists.
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Ear 137. 1
Onyx flower silver wire cuff
red jade sterling link neck
fold form sterling /lapis flower pendant
wire wrap lacy cab
blue onyx sterling wrap cab

I grew up on both coast's then moved to Vermont in 1982. After planting an Orchard and building a greenhouse,I kept my creative soul happy by using the many field flowers I grew for weddings and market.

Through the years I taught myself many types of crafts but when I discovered wire work I knew I was home. Wire art jewelry has been around for well over 1000 years, it's free flowing and flexible and for me it's a beautiful creative journey. When I began this journey many years ago there were no formal classes so with books and lots of practice I taught myself , with inspiration and imagination the journey delights.

The Orchard is closed now but I am still surrounded by all the beauty and inspiration of the valley. My art all begins with Sterling Silver in different gauged wire or sheet form, everything is made by hand and is one of a kind. There is an ongoing fascination with where the wire takes me, always learning and always evolving.

I hope you enjoy wearing my art as much as I enjoy creating it!